June 23, 2012


Here at Star*Crossed Weddings™, one of our most important values is that all love is accepted here.
We have never turned away a couple for their sexual orientation, race, or religion. 

My personal philosophy is that as long as its two consenting adults and no one is getting hurt,
then love with all your heart, every moment of every day. 

Nothing in this life matters more than love. 

However, the rest of the world doesn't always agree with me and
some people are not free to love who they want and celebrate that love however they want.  
I find this type of discrimination to be disgusting. 

So, today, I Stand4Love. 

We are also going to help anyone else who wants to Stand4Love!

And if you still have no idea how important it is to stand up for every type of relationship, 
watch this video.