May 23, 2016

New Venue - Jardin de Papillions!

We have a Brand Spanking NEW venue!

Are you looking for a simple, elegant and charming Parisian venue to marry your beloved? Then enter into a delightful place where all your dreams will come true in the Jardin de Papillions, or Butterfly Garden. Walk down the carpet aisle to your future in a conservatory for the sunlight, or even moonlight, to shine brightly in celebration of your momentous occasion surrounded by delicate butterflies and their magical kisses. Then take those first steps as spouses to enjoy a cobblestone walk way surrounded by a cozy, natural setting, to pass by outdoor tables full of the bubbly champagne and richest treats to the reception conservatory for an intimate celebration with your family and friends.

Stop by the sim today to view it and the first people to book it will recieve a discount!

SIM: Star*Crossed Sim

May 14, 2016

Date Auction for Relay for Life- Today!

Star*Crossed Weddings and Inspired Dreamwalkers invites you to join us for a day of entertainment, fun, and company in support of Relay for Life.

Today, we will host a series of activities at Ville de Coeur and hope that you will join us in the fun!

Activities Schedule:
12pm to 5pm: Silent Auction -Please bid early and bid often!
12pm to 2pm SLT: Cocktail Party with Live Music!
2pm to 3pm SLT: Live Auction to support Relay For Life!
3pm to 5pm SLT: Dance Party with Live Music! *Silent Auction will end at the end of the party.


May 13, 2016

Venue Update - Sylvan Enchantment!

It's time for another venue update! As you know, we specialize in our themed venues so that your wedding is a true experience and not just like everyone else's One of our oldest venues is our elvish inspired Sylvan Enchantment and it was long overdue for a face-lift!

Welcome to the most enchanting venue to have the fairytale wedding in Sylvan Enchantment.  Enter the Elven-inspired forest of mystical flora and make your way down the ceremonial chapel befitting the royal family or better yet: you and your soul mate in taking your vows that resonate through the elegance and natural beauty.  After your ceremony, lead the procession to the reception area that is warm, cozy and intimate to bring everyone together to enjoy the festivities that in celebration of your union with your beloved that will live forever in your hearts.

Stop by the sim for a tour and you could get a discount on your wedding!