August 29, 2015

The Tie the Knot Hunt is Only Days Away!

The "doors" open for our semi-annual Tie the Knot Hunt in less than 4 days! 
I received a sneak peek at this gorgeous, exclusive gift from Lapointe & Bastchild
last night and absolutely have to share!

For more information, hunt hits, sneak peeks, and more from the 40 designers
in this wedding romance themed hunt, check out the hunt's official website

August 19, 2015

Wedding Photo of the Week

Weddings are enchanting. They are our opportunity to shine, indulge in dramatic, grand gestures and fantastical environments. You are the star of the show, and a grand show it is!
Last weekend, I had the honor of participating in Diamond and Pommie's vow renewal. Celebrating an ongoing commitment to one another, the couple renewed their vows in the very same sandbox where they had first met. Pommie and Diamond eschewed the customary grandeur of today's weddings, choosing instead a private, intimate ceremony among only their closest friends in the church where their original vows had been exchanged.
This heartfelt moment reminded me of the true meaning within each wedding, elopement, and engagement...the love, commitment, and partnership that binds individuals together.
We have 3 families: the one we are born to, the one we marry into, and the one we choose from our heart.
Photographer: Codi Voorhees

August 18, 2015

The Tie the Knot Hunt is Back!!

The hunt is back for September! If you are a merchant, please apply again and pass on the link to other merchants! If you are a hunter, please get your hunting goggles ready and make sure all your friends join the group to stay up to date!
All info here:
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