June 04, 2016

L’Amour à Paris - New Venue!

Do you think it's time for another new venue?? We do!

We are so pleased to announce our newest venue L’Amour à Paris!

Set in Paris, right at the most romantic spot on earth, you don’t need a passport for this dream wedding; we bring it right to you with this new venue set in the Parisian terrace where the Eiffel Tower watches over you and your beloved as you say ‘I do’. Then walk down the courtyard in wedded bliss with your guests towards the elegant and welcoming reception area with a grand piano, a full bar and of course the most beautiful reflecting pool to capture the memory of your wedding day forever. Designed from the real landscape and architecture of the real Eiffel Tower, we welcome you to Paris.

Stop by the sim to see the venue and be the first to book it for a very special discount!

SIM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desolate/240/63/21

June 03, 2016

Summer Special!

It's summer time and we can feel the love in the air! To celebrate we are running a special for the month of June. Stop by the sim and speak to a sales agent for more details!

SIM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desolate/240/63/21

May 29, 2016

Another New Venue- St. Peter's Cathedral!

We are so very busy over at Star*Crossed so we thought we would share yet another new venue we have to offer :)

St. Peter's Cathedral is an elegant stone cathedral with gorgeous stained glass windows that let just enough light in to create the most romantic setting for your upcoming wedding. Paired with a lavish ballroom to dance your wedding night away, this venue is the perfect mixture of opulence and tradition.

Stop by the sim today and check it out!