Booking Policies- Please Read!

♥Star*Crossed Weddings™  Booking Policies♥

Please read the below policies so that we are clear on the policies and terms of booking a package.

My policies are created to protect your time and money, and mine as well. When a wedding is booked you are reserving the use of the sim and the time of the staff.

This means we limit other weddings that can be booked during the time frame you have booked for your wedding. This also protects all couples if some couples request changes. Every time a change is made it can affect not only me, but also other weddings if I must re-do work.

I want to avoid that, so that every couple receives the best work, however if you are in need of something please come speak to me. My customer’s happiness is very important to me, thank you!


Packages are shown with the services that comprise the total cost. Any changes to services will change the package price. This will be dependent on the services you chose to customize your package with. Once a total price and set of services is agreed upon and the deposit paid, changes may be made to your package, but the cost will never decrease. Please also note, that we cannot control some aspects of Second Life and its users, so if we are unable to provide part of a package for any reason, we will substitute it with something of equal or greater value. If you have any questions about this, please ask us and we will be happy to explain in greater detail. 

A 50% deposit is required when reserving your wedding date unless the package is less than 5000L. For packages totaling less than 5000L, the entire price will be required to book the wedding. 

The remainder of the balance will be paid in two parts. Half of the remaining balance, which is 25% of the total package price will be due one week before the wedding. The remaining 25% of the total package price is required at the time of rehearsal if applicable, and the day before the wedding if there is no rehearsal. This will be explained in detail on your receipt after booking. 

The payment plan is to ensure that couples are reachable and are able to make payment prior to the wedding and failure to pay on schedule may cause your wedding to be canceled. 

Deposits are non-refundable.  No refunds are offered, no exceptions, ever. 

Rush Fee: 
Wedding packages costing more than 10,000L occurring two weeks or less from the date of booking may be subject to a 20% rush fee. This is due to the time is takes to provide certain services. The couple has the option to have the rush fee waived if they choose to swap out time sensitive services for something else. The couple will be notified if the fee applies to them prior to booking and options for waiving it will be discussed in detail if needed. 

Second life Issues:
If Second Life is “down”, we will reschedule as soon as possible.  There is no fee for this. However, all issues that Second Life may cause are not the responsibility of Star*Crossed Weddings™.

Wedding Time:
Even though we do not schedule weddings close to each other, everyone’s time is valuable.  The wedding ceremony must be started within 30 minutes of booking time and is subject to the wedding being canceled or this time being taken from your reception time. 

We require that both people who are getting married (and needed wedding party) attend the rehearsal, wedding, and subsequent appointments in order to complete and fulfill all package details. If anyone is unable to attend events related to the wedding we will not be held responsible for any items that we cannot provide to completion from your wedding package.  We will attempt to honor one reschedule in some circumstances before wrapping up your wedding package. 

Wedding Staff: 
You may request certain staff employed by Star*Crossed Weddings™ to be assigned to your wedding, but we cannot guarantee their availability for your wedding. Our staff also reserves the right to make decisions/adjustments/fill in gaps of information in order to complete their job at your wedding. This will be approved by the Star*Crossed Weddings™ management team and is at their sole discretion. We do this to ensure the most important aspects of your wedding are handled as a higher priority than other minor aspects. If you have questions about this please ask before booking; we will be happy to answer them. 

Wedding Details Responsibility: 
It is the sole responsibility of the couple being married to communicate any and all details prior to their wedding date. This includes, but is not limited to, ceremony details, photography details, music details, wedding party details, clothing details, color details, special accommodation details for approved accommodations, and any other information that may be needed to ensure your wedding is how you envision it and may or may not have been discussed during planning. If said details are not brought to the attention of Star*Crossed Weddings™ staff prior to the wedding, we cannot be held responsible for ensuring those aspects of your wedding are as you desired nor can we redo any outcome that arises due to the lack of information.

If you have to postpone your wedding, we will reschedule once for no fee providing you notify us at least 5 days prior to the wedding and provide the new date within 24 hours after the original scheduled date.  The new wedding date must occur within 3 months of the original wedding date unless we cannot accommodate your schedule within that time within reason. Weddings are rescheduled at Juliet Moonshadow's discretion based on other bookings and RL availability.  

Any additional postponements, or ones with insufficient notice, will be subject to a fee equivalent to 15% of your package price, or 500L, whichever is more. Payment of the reschedule fee, if applicable, and the balance of the wedding package are due at the time the new wedding date is confirmed if the original date is less than a week away. Rescheduling is not available for elopement packages. 

Cancellations will only be refunded if the total package price has been paid and Juliet Moonshadow is notified with at least one week notice of the wedding date. At that time, 25% of the total wedding cost will be refunded. Refunds, if applicable, are forfeited if you have postponed your wedding with insufficient notice, had multiple postponements, or we have extended any courtesy to you within our policies. 

If you have discussed a cancellation with your planner and have not notified me within 24 hours of that discussion, your wedding will be cancelled with no option for refund. I also reserve the right to cancel any wedding, at any time, if you become extremely difficult despite numerous attempts to make you happy, or you are rude to me or my staff for any reason. This type of cancellation is reserved for only those who are truly unreasonable, and especially not a couple who is polite about any issues. There is no refund if I cancel your wedding for the above stated reason. 

A wedding booked with Star*Crossed Weddings™ is owned solely by the avatar who has paid the initial payment and secured booking.  All payments towards the wedding must be paid by the avatar who made initial payment and any refunds that may be applicable will be returned only to that avatar. Any payments made by other avatars are at their own risk and no refunds will ever be given to anyone except the avatar who owns the wedding. 

Weddings may not be transferred to another individual, alternative account, partner, or couple. 

Wedding details will not be discussed with any alternative accounts for the wedding couple.

High Demand Dates:
To ensure the best quality wedding possible, at Star*Crossed Weddings™ we do not schedule more than a few large weddings in a single day.  Therefore, pricing for high demand days such as Valentine's day, 11/11/11, or other holidays may be at a premium. 

All weddings booked on high demand days will be subject to special policies that include, but are not limited to, full payment at the time of booking, no refunds, and a reschedule fee. The fees included here will be 2500L-10,000L depending on the date of the wedding and the notice given. 

You will be notified at the time of booking if these policies apply to your wedding. 

Alternate Locations or Wedding Venues:
The location for all Star*Crossed Weddings™ is at the Star Crossed sim. Any other locations that a couple wishes to use will be at their expense. If you choose to have the wedding at a different location you assume the additional costs to the person or persons owning the parcel. A representative from Star*Crossed Weddings™ will also need to visit the sim to ensure it will withstand a wedding. We want this day to be magical, but also not crash-worthy. Wedding venues are subject to change, but the couple will be notified if more than a 30% change or one that critically alters the design of a venue occurs. All wedding venues that are not currently offered by Star*Crossed Weddings™ will be subject to a fee to acquire them. This fee will be stated in the package you agree upon and book with your planner. 

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