April 02, 2011

Laska Soulstar and Delious Colman Married April 2nd, 2011

What can I say about Star*Crossed Weddings?

Well, if you want the wedding of your dreams, big or small,, contact Juliet. She can make it happen for you.  Both her and her staff are dedicated to making your dreams come true.

Del and I were together for a year before we got married and in that time I had in my head what I wanted and it was not going to be an easy task to find a wedding planner that could give me what we wanted and beleive me, we looked and talked to many planners over the months.

Then we met Juliet Moonshadow and we told her what we wanted for colors and the type of venue that we were looking for and that the main thing was, I NEEDED to have waterfalls! That was the top of the list. Well we were very surprised that she said, no problem, we can do that!
And do that they certainly did!
She did an absolutely phanomanal job!!
My waterfalls were perfect and what I had imagined, the venue was absolutely beautiful and all of Juliets staff made sure that everything was exactly what we expected.
EVERYONE at our wedding had a kickass time and said that it was the best wedding they ever attended because they had so much fun! THAT was on the top of our agenda, for our friends, family & guests to have a great time, and they did and that means alot to us. :)
Juliet was there to listen to my concerns and address & solve them in a way that I felt so much better(this happened on a pretty regular basis because I ALWAYS had questions.) and I was't freaking out as much.
I didn't need to worry about the details, I actually didn't have to worry about anything! With Juliets' and her staffs' guideance, our wedding was perfect!

So we would DEFINATELY suggest Star*Crossed Weddings to EVERYONE that we know and even to those that we don't know.

Thanks for making our special day a perfect one!

With love and appreciation to Juliet and her staff!!

Laska & Delious Colman